People Communicating in the Workplace


Flexible Training Designs  

Learning objectives are the most important consideration in choosing a training design. Once the objectives are established, the material may be flexibly presented to achieve the desired results.

Two Standard Designs

  • Design A of the I-SkillsZone presents skills and processes for both effective individual and team communication. The time requirement is 10.5 training hours.

  • Design B of the I-SkillsZone system focuses only on teaching communication skills and processes for one-on-one, individual communication. This design takes 7 training hours.

Customized Designs
Since I-SkillsZone is both skill and process oriented, the system modules can be used to provide a foundation for, and compliment to, numerous training initiatives. For example training in: conflict-resolution, stress management, decision-making, individual coaching, initiating and managing change, effective team process, and leadership skills development.

For customized designs, the sequencing of modules, training time allotted, and focus on applications will be driven by the competencies to be learned and operationalized.