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Instructor Training At Your Company  

In place of attending one of the regularly scheduled public I-SkillsZone Instructor Training Workshops (see Instructor Training: Workshop Cities/Dates, etc.) you may wish to bring I-SkillsZone to your company in one of two alternative ways:

  1. We Train-Your-Instructors In-House — On Site at Your Company
    Besides being a cost-effective way to train a number of instructors, this option has other benefits. We work with you to integrate the training into your company’s objectives and initiatives, as well as to adapt the I-SkillsZone system to meet your specific training requirements and schedule.
           Call Sherod Miller's cell phone at 303-332-1082 for cost and design options.

  2. Use One of Our Certified I-SkillsZone Instructors to deliver a program at your company. We have a number of excellent instructors who can work with you to plan and deliver the I-SkillsZone.
           Send an email to:

Special Use Company License  

Companies who choose to integrate the I-SkillsZone system into their culture by purchasing participant sets and training their entire work force may apply for a special use company license. The license allows the company to reproduce the I-SkillsZone maps, tools, skills and processes for special use within the company. This enables the company to further incorporate, reinforce, and extend the application of I-SkillsZone maps, tools, skills and processes as a way of doing business throughout their organization.

Contact Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc. to inquire about the specifics of a “Special Use Company License.”